Are you wanting to integrate life transitions or medicine-related experiences from a spiritual perspective? Have you gained spiritual insights or have spiritual questions that you would like to explore with someone who understands traditional uses of plant medicines?


Are you navigating a life transition and desiring clarity or messages from your spiritual partners?

Do you want to connect more deeply with Spirit or Higher Self, so that you may yourself access the answers and insights that you are seeking?


We can support you on your path of major life transition, including death, dying, loss or separation, life epiphanies, starting or stopping use of medicines or drugs, letting go of or embracing new identities, and more from a place of spiritual connectedness.


We can connect with your spirit guides and helpers on any matter that is important to you. Messages from Spirit can be particularly useful in times of major transition to help gain clarity, focus, encouragement, or validation from a place of broader perspective.


In this process, practitioners use shamanic journeying and other practices to connect directly with your spirit guides or spirit animals to deliver messages and insights that speak to your unique situation and illuminate the spiritual aspects of what you’re facing. Please know, Messages from Spirit are always loving and hold the intention of our highest good.


We can further explore practices with you to connect more deeply on your own with your spirit guides, spirit animals, past lives, or other places of spiritual connection. You have a team of nonphysical partners eager to provide you clarity and insight on the questions that matter to you.

You are not alone, and it is our privilege to help you connect with the larger, nonphysical part of who you really are.


Ceremony can be a powerful tool for marking and moving through life transitions. It can also be used to transform our relationships with the medicines and drugs (of all kinds) we interact with.


We offer support and ideas for creating intentional spaces and holding ceremony for yourself in ways that are meaningful and impactful for you.


If you have a specific cultural heritage or tradition you would like to work from, we can explore ways to integrate that into your ceremony experience. Everything we do is entirely tailored to you and the space you are creating for yourself through this process.


If you desire extra energetic support during your unique ceremony experience, we can also “hold space” for you. Holding space contributes to building a supported container so that you may delve more deeply and freely into your internal process.


Life transitions do not happen in a vacuum; instead, family, friends, and loved ones are often involved in various ways in shaping the nature and quality of transitional experiences.


The experience of death and dying, for example, intimately involves the person transitioning from the physical world, as well as loved ones who are themselves holding their own experience of this process. Beyond our physical relationships, we further recognize the significance of how we relate with the unknown and unknowable aspects of our lives and existence.


To thoroughly support this spectrum of relationships, we offer group-based spiritual insight and coaching for a minimum of three people who are closely intertwined in a shared experience of death, dying, new or shed identities, growth or transformation, or ceremonial space.

As part of this offering, every member of the group receives an individualized Message from Spirit. We then develop a tailored plan to work with your and your loved ones’ unique needs and preferences for navigating whatever experience is in front of you from a place of spiritual groundedness.

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